Thursday, August 29, 2013

Traditional Habit in Vatican

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  1. Before Vatican II, it used to be the rule among Orders of nuns world-wide, but especially seen in Rome and the travel in at least pairs. Back then, you'd never see one nun strolling around by herself.

    Sometimes it's still seen. In St. Peter's Square especially, it's common to see 2 or more nuns of the same Order strolling the piazza. Even more of the same Order at special occasions.

    One friend of mine said that she saw 40 nuns of the same Order walking across St. Peter's Square the day Pope Francis was elected (and their average ages looked mostly below 40 ! )

    Although pairs of nuns strolling around would be nice to see in Rome again, seeing 1 youngish nun in the traditional habit (this sister is a Carmelite of some Order, and by the white veil possibly a novice), is far better than seeing zero. Or seeing 2-3 aged, nasty an frumpy looking habitless or modified habited nuns.