Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Saint Anthony: Patron Saint of Lost Objects

Try him!

Yours truly has always had a great devotion to him. 

On pilgrimage I have traveled to his birthplace of Coimbra and his burial place at Padua.  At his burial place, inside the Santo, one can truly fell the presence of God. 


  1. My fellow Portuguese are always amazed at what others do to Santo Antonio de Lisboa.

    In Portugal, he is prayed to for many things but I have never heard anyone ask for help finding anything.

    Its quite funny really.

    In Lisbon he is regarded as a marrying saint.

    Young women make vows to Saint Anthony to secure their marriages.

    In older times The King of Portugal would act as godfather to the marriage of these "Brides of Saint Anthony".

    The service would be preformed by the Patriarch of Lisbon in the City's Saint Anthony church.

    I once saw a documentary report where the President of Portugal attended the service himself and performed the King's honours.

    I think that the city of Lisbon still continues the tradition.

    Viva Santo Antonio de Lisboa!

    Jose J. Lopes
    Toronto, Canada

  2. Dear JP,

    Your last posts have been great, believe me!

    About St. Anthony: his birthplace is actually in Lisbon, Portugal's capital city. He then went to Coimbra to study theology.

    Good holidays!

  3. A powerful saint, indeed! I always found humour in the fact that, in a small Italian restaurant I frequented as a child, a statue of St. Anthony was outside the cloak-room, with a sign below reading, "Not responsible for lost articles."

  4. Actually, I am from Lisbon and have lived here since I was born and I have the custom of praying to St. Anthony to find the lost stuff!

  5. I am portuguese, I use to pray to Saint Anthony of Lisbon to find lost objects (I can say he is very effective) and, by far, I am not the only portuguese doing that.

    Of course, as a previous reader said, Saint Anthony was born in Lisbon, but studied in Coimbra, more precisely at the Monastery of the Holy Cross.

    1. You guys must be Romanized.

      It wasn't the custom when I grew up.