Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pray for the Roman Pontiffs

Image from the Internet. 

Let us pray!


  1. It would have eventually happened, but there just was not enough time.

    May God yet grant another lover of the deep tradition of Church with out lifetime.

    Amen, Amen, Amen.

    J. Lopes
    Toronto, Canada

  2. Although this is impressive and edifying, it is also damaging , because we all know that the present Pope, Francis I, will NEVER dress like this in full pontifical with the tiara. He in fact has up until now NEVER worn any papal elements of vesture save for the white cassock. He doesn't even have the tradifional Italian style "half-pants" and long white socks up to the knee that even Paul VI wore. Francis has black slack underneath, and black shoes.

    This photo was originally of the late, great, Venerable Pope Pius XII, a man who truly was Pope and deserves more than any others to be made a Saint.

    The intention of this photo is nice, but it is fantasy. Francis' term as Pope will be probably very brief, and I GUARANTEE everyone that he will never dress like this.

  3. too gaudy.............francis wouldnt approve.........nope the poor wouldnt like that!

  4. who is this man?? He is not a pope!!!!

  5. On the Internet that's Pope Pius XII. Someone doctored it to put in the current Pope Francis' face.

    I'll bet anyone $500.00 that Francis I will never, ever wear those magnificent Papal robes, or anything that looks papal in the least.

    Easy win.

  6. Every one of these images is so bitter sweet to look at when we know the reality that Pope Francis is contrary to all of it. We can ooh and aah (and right-click, save) at these pictures of Pius XII and other venerable popes and beautiful Catholic history, but we are kidding ourselves.

  7. Thank you. I haven't had a good laugh since this Pope was elected.