Wednesday, June 27, 2012

National Union Boss Ken Lewenza on Abortion Quagmire

The first thing I would do is fire this Kenny guy. Look at this hysterical harridan girl.

Next, I would lambast him for his bolus of giggles over dead baby images.

Squeamishness is the natural reaction of the lay public. And shock. And horror.

If you see ghoul images of aborted babies, then yes, please have a heart. Be horrified.

Gynecology residents, for years, have called the abortion procedure "scraping it out." Not funny.

Note to the CAW (Canadian Autoworkers' Union):

If you see an image showing an aborted fetus reconstructed at the end of an abortion like a grisly jigsaw puzzle, then have some respect for the dead.

These images reflect exactly how doctors reassemble abortion dead after the procedure - to make sure they have effectively removed all parts from the mother's body.

Surgically, a bravura performance. But lift the veil and let the people see the work of the little gremlins with their own eyes.

See where the spine has been snapped in two and removed with dispatch. How the skull had been crushed and the brain drained out before the bony parts were removed. Or how the arms and legs of the body had been torn off to be removed separately.

Er, wait. You think this is about God? That only religious people make a fuss about abortion?

Stop the revolutionary fervor of the 1960s. Get a grip. No baby needs to be sucked out of the safest place on the planet, a womb, with a plastic vacurette.

Photo shop? No, if this is done after about ten weeks, one can see after the suction curettage identifiable parts of the fetus's body, dismembered and trapped in a gauze bag, causing a stony reaction from nurses. Once everything is out, the uterus signals completion by contracting and the bleeding slows markedly.

And you think this is okay? Safe? And legal? For who? Your daughter? Your baby?

What? You don't like to hear this? Makes you feel uncomfortable? Then why do you go out of your way to promote and support the abortion glut?

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, MD, once wrote: "The suction machinery we use at present to bring about abortion tears the alpha [unborn infant] away from its site swiftly, crudely, and cruelly, without regard for its integrity. Alpha is dispatched through a long plastic tube to rest finally in a gauze bag amid blood, clots, and assorted gore."

Union special interests need to stop. They are a scandal - politicking on our dime, and getting paid for it.


  1. Macabre images for a macabre subject.

  2. I could make a Downfall parody on this very topic. Putting invectives against abortion into the mouth of Der Fuhrer himself. Oh the irony.