Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome: ChurchMilitant.TV

Very disappointing to see how the Detroit chancery bungled this one from the start.

In any event, we shall see the hand of Providence.

And I just hope people donate boat loads of money to this wonderful new initiative.

Mike Voris, a dedicated layman, has already done more for Catholic Internet TV than any other human being on the planet earth.

Support this renewed initiative. Rejoice in their success. They are pioneers.

Archbishop Sheen, pray for us!


  1. I lived through that - I live through this - please Fathers have a look at the back of the new [and beautifully translated] Missal - there are heaps of Masses which can be said addressing the present crisis. Please offer, on available days, when you might not have a specific Mass intention..what a powerful Work you would be doing for the VII said, 'read the signs of the times.'

  2. Isn't this wonderful! Michael Voris truly is a wonderful speaker and knows how to get the point across!