Friday, June 22, 2012

Catholic Culture: Kneeling for Holy Communion

Nice to see this devotion in the Cathedral of Vancouver.

This noble custom of the Latin rite is finally making a comeback.

It can be seen in other cathedrals as well, such as in Vienna.

And, it can be seen in other parishes, such as the Polish parish in Rome.

Or even in basilicas, such as that of Ottawa.

As a kid I can still remember once kneeling for Holy Communion at the old parish of St. Adelbert's in St. Paul, Minnesota. It left a strong impression on me - a very impressionable moment - and selective memory has retained that impression into my adulthood.

You want your doubting kids to believe in the true presence?

Pastors, make the jump: begin to prepare your parishioners though little notes in the weekly bulletin.


  1. Mouth communion whilst kneeling is also done in the Cathedral of Edinburgh, Scotland. (although it's a novus ordo mass)

  2. I just began doing this. And I am 39'ish.