Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Deacon: Chanting the Gospel for the First Time

One of our dearest friends, just ordained deacon in Germany, chanting the Gospel for the first time at his own ordination.

FSSP ordinations are always quite an experience - a bit like a family reunion, in heaven.

Nice to see ROMANITUDE being represented here with the gorgeous seicento dalmatic in stile romano prodotto in Italia.

Hearty congrats to Don Juan of the Holy Roman Church -- one of the very finest.

He discovered his vocation in the Holy City.

We were there. May God be praised.


  1. "[C]hanting the Gospel for the first time at his own ordination."

    When do the ordinations take place during Holy Mass? I assumed it was after the Mass of the Catechumens (and so after the Gospel was proclaimed).

    Wonderful picture.

  2. Ordinations traditionally take place during an Ember Saturday Mass at which there are 5 extra Old Testament lessons. Minor Orders are instituted after each of the lessons (so that new Lectors can chant one of the lessons), and then the subdeacons are ordained before the Epistle (so one new subdeacon can chant this) and Deacons before the Gospel (so that one new deacon can chant this).