Sunday, October 24, 2010

Passionists in Nettuno: Before and After Tomb of St. Maria Goretti

Formerly she was entombed inside the custom altar seen in the above photo (pilgrims were able to walk behind it to pray next to the body).

Now, sadly, since the callow '60s she has been entombed in the basement bunker as seen in the lower photo.


  1. Now that's just SAD..

  2. Sure looks like a bunker...what a shame that St. Maria is there instead of the main church.
    I have a biography of St. Gabriel Possenti which has pictures of the 'new' shrine church at Isola di Gran Sasso; that church is just as ugly as this chapel.
    St. Paul of the Cross must be shaking his head in heaven over this.

    Barb in NY

  3. The virtues of Saint Maria Goretti are not more those of the conciliar church, consequently they hide her holy relics in this ugly cellar.

  4. Thats a Disgrace!!!!