Sunday, October 31, 2010

Augustin Cardinal Bea, S.J.

From 1945 -1958 Fr. Bea was the confessor of Venerable Pius XII, of blessed memory.

Each Saturday he heard the confession of Pius XII along with the 3 sisters who took care of his household.


  1. What you don't mention is that Fr. Bea (in 1960 Cardinal Bea), was also a radical liberal who opened the door of the Catholic Church to Protestant heretics and their influences before, during, and after Vatican II.
    He was a rabid ecumenist. So was his chief "disiple", the far more radical Cardinal Johannes Willebrands, whose mindset was much more protestant than Catholic.
    These two people did much to develope and guide the misguided and even sinful departure from traditional Catholic thinking in favor of ecumenical inclusiveness, which destroyed the Roman Catholic Mass and the faith itself.
    Were it not for this pair of Bea and Willebrands (together with Archbishop Annibale Bugini who was infatuated with Protestantism and Protestant worship services.....and who turned the Catholic Mass into one), the Catholic Mass and the Church would have been in much better shape during, and all the 40 years after Vatican II.

  2. Well said Anon, I was going to utter something along those lines, but I'm glad someone beat me to it!

  3. Whether or not this is true anonymous - and I think you exaggerate - the saintly Pope Pius XII evidently thought that he was fit enough to hear his confession.

    Fr. A.M.

  4. Should something also be said about the respect that we should have for our leaders. If you pride yourself in being so in love with the Catholic Church, should you not also love the diverse leadership She has selected.

  5. Whenever some liturgical abuse was reported; authorities in vatican used to joke as "Bea culpa, Bea culpa, Bea Maxima Culpa"

  6. Bea's contribution to Dei Verbum alone makes him a great contributor to the Second Vatican Council. He is a hero to many knowledgeble Catholics today.