Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cardinale Subito!


  1. Absolutely! He is a hero to true Catholic musicians. I hope that Pope Benedict XVI has the backbone to make this appointment of Monsignor Domenico Bartolucci to the Cardinlate, as recompense for all the persecution, slander, and injustice done to him by Archbishop Piero Marini (now nearly 69 himself...near retirement and apparently not altogether in good health), and his liturgical henchmen in the Vatican Papal ceremonies crew (including Monsignor Malloy of the USA) who did their best to discredit this holy and noble priest.
    It was a disgraceful and shameful act, in the same style as the removal of the Altar of the Chair from St. Peter's Basilica around the same time (1997).
    Cardinal Virgilio Noe, Archbishop Piero Marini, and the Papal Liturgy crew should be ashamed. The fault for this injustice lies with them...and also ultimatly with John Paul II, who went along with it all.

  2. I love how people throw things around anonymously, without any sources to back-up their statements!

  3. Nice to see the monsignor and his man servant out for a constitutional. Lucky you were there with your camera for the photo op.