Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tomb of Monsignor Richard J. Schuler (1920 - 2007)

He was good at being a priest.  A father to many.  He was a vessel of election during this tricky postconciliar era.  We were his sons and he loved us.  He promoted vocations.  He treated us as equals.  His mildness, joy and benevolence were felt by all.  His benign influence was felt by countless priests and future priests.  He had an open door and all were welcome at his table.  He had leniency and justice in dealing with youth.  He was eminently civil.  A true gentleman.  He loved the providence of God, the Roman rite and the Church's patrimony of sacred music.  He loved Rome and further excited me to love Her.  When he passed away I felt a major loss in my life.  He always kept his sense of humor and was fiercely loyal to the See of Peter.  He ought to be raised to the honors of the altar.


  1. It makes me sad to look at these gravestones, they are completely inadequate gravestones for a priest, we should honour them far more highly.

  2. He should be buried inside the church.

  3. Msgr. Schuler was a true "priest of the Church".
    May he rest in peace!
    A great man, priest and lover of Jesus and His Holy Church.
    I had the great opportunity to meet him, stay at his rectory, and speak with him.
    A truly saintly priest!

  4. He was called to glorify the Church in Its days of trouble.

  5. In Detroit Michigan in the early 50's I had a Priest who's surname was Schuler. He watched over me in school with great interest often not to my liking. Must have been because I am a Schuler. I will always remember him as good.