Saturday, June 12, 2010

Franciscan Hat


  1. Are these friars actually Franciscan Friars Minor?, or a new traditional group?

    For one thing, their capuche looks more full than I'm used to seeing for Friars Minor, and I have not seen any with monastic type beards in years. In the USA, the capuche is very small, not at all like this.

    It would be interesting to know if this is a new group.

    For the most part, I was very disappointed by both the Vigil for priests, and the Mass closing the Year of Priests.

    1). At the Vigil, I would say a good 65-70% of the priests looked like bums in slovenly clerical shirts and slacks....many in mismatched colors (grey with black, white and brown, white and grey (slacks or shirt)...and even colors like light blue, blue, navy, and green. Terrible.

    Some wore cassocks and habits....but it looked like a minority.

    The contemporary music and orchestral arrangements were innapropriate for a religious function...and reminded me of the improvised circus like John Paul II masses which never bore a single hint of Catholic identity.

    Pity this still continues.