Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Foster Summer Latin A.D. 2010

"Raphaela carissimis amicis Romanis s.p.d. Labore tam oppressa sum tam multis mensibus, amici, ut ad scribendum etiam in linguis hodiernis tempus mihi pane omnino defuit, nedum Latine! Iis vestrum quibus iam diu litteras vel responsa ad litteras vestras debeo, ut mihi ignoscatis obsecro meque quam primum responsuram esse promitto. Nunc tamen vos de nuntiis novissimis ad Reginaldum nostrum pertinentem breviter certiores facere cupio. Legitote ergo, si placet, epistulam ab eius nepote heri missam, quam infra adiunctam invenietis. Valete in Domino quam optime!"  

From the Internet...
Hello everyone. Reggie is now "officially" out of his rehabilitation facility and has moved into his own apartment that includes some assistance. He has just started his summer Latin School program here in Milwaukee, which many of you on this email list may be here in attendance. He really has made remarkable progress and has gained some weight by eating a balanced diet in the last year. Yes, there is still the occasional beer included, but at least it is not just a baguette and a bottle of beer daily. His spirits are alive again and he is 'better than ever", so he says.

Listed below is his new address and phone number. For the next couple of months, the best time to reach him would be 6:00 am - 12 noon here in Milwaukee (CST). He is in class in the afternoon and does not return home until approximately 9:00pm. His Sunday's are free however, and you could reach him anytime during the day.

Reginald Foster
St Clare Terrace - Apt 403
3553 South 41st Street
Milwaukee, WI 53221
Cell Phone: 414-755-9686

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