Monday, June 14, 2010

Low Mass with an American Bishop in Rome

June 13, 2010

Church of Jesus and Mary on the Via del Corso.

Holy Mass hosted by Institute of Christ the King.


  1. Hello:
    What is the name of the bishop?
    Thank you!!!

  2. Who is this bishop? Morlino?

  3. Notice the double cotta on the Canon at the bishops right in picture 2 and on the bishops left in picture 5. Because the priests in the ICRSS are Canons they are permitted to the double cotta in the service of a bishop and a special choir dress in choir, which is very beautiful with the blue they have in their choir dress.

  4. Go Madison! (Bishop Morlino)

  5. Anonymous (10:16),

    I didn't know the ICRSS priests were officially canons. Which is their collegiate church? Do they pray the office in common in their churches?

  6. They do pray the office in their churches. The decree of erection as a society of pontifical right (2008) made them secular canons.