Monday, June 21, 2010

15 Thousand priests with the pope to end the Year for Priests

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  1. The Silveri Symphony was played, Elgar version during the Eucharistic Procession and it brought me to tears. The emotion felt hearing that, which at one time was played at the elevation during the Consecration was indescribable. Why?, who knows, maybe just the knowledge that it was always played for a long time and that millions of Catholics knew the Consecration would be marked by glorious music which evoked a certain mood and love for the Eucharist and I am part of the same Faith. The lens of continuity in play. As it was played in a low tone, it did not overwhelm or distract from the moment, but added to it. The same as "bells" do in local parish Mass. People knew it as special and would only hear it at a Solemn Papal Mass. Tradition and custom, it was a beautiful combination.