Friday, June 4, 2010

Martyrs Even Today: Fr. Ragheed Ganni (1972-2007) Killed "In Odium Fidei"

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Father Ragheed was a friend of ours from Rome who was killed by jihadist Muslims in Iraq on June 3, 2007 (Trinity Sunday).

Father Ragheed was Chaldean rite, thirty-five years old and pastor of the Church of the Holy Spirit in the Nur district of Mosul, Iraq.  He loved the priesthood and loved being a Catholic priest, in Iraq.

He was killed along with his three subdeacons: Basman Yousef Daud, Gassan Isam Bidawed and Wahid Hanna Isho.  They were forced out of their automobile in front of thir church after Sunday services; shot dead after celebrating Divine Liturgy on June 3, 2007.

Subdeacon Gassan Isam Bidawed's wife was also pulled from the car, was separated from the clergy and made to watch the murders.

Father Ganni's life had been previously threatened by the terrorists and the Church of the Holy Spirit had been attacked several times and even bombed on May 27, 2007.  Just a week before he died Fr. Ganni warned: "We are on the verge of collapse."  In reference to St. Paul (2 Cor. 12.10), Fr. Ganni said: "The strength that comes from God cannot be explained."  On the day of his ordination Fr. Ganni shared: "Today, I have died to self."

Pope Benedict XVI commended their souls "to the infinite mercy of God, our loving Father" and thanked them for their "selfless witness to the Gospel."  The Synod of Chaldean Bishops "asked the Lord to grant mercy to the souls of these martyrs."

Born: January 20, 1972
Ordained: October 12, 2001
Studied in Rome: 1996-2003
Died: June 3, 2007


  1. We had better stop thinking about martyrs as a thing of the past. I think we will be seeing even more soon.

  2. truly the religion of peace....

  3. Is there any more information that can shared about his companions in Martyrdom? Dates of birth? you mentioned that one was married, were the other Subdeacons married? All too often the "and companions" are only footnotes in the live of the more famous leader, please, if possible, tell us about "his companions in martyrdom"
    Thank you and God bless Pax et Bonum.

  4. I keep a picture of Fr. Ganni on my desk next to my picture of St. Charbel.