Friday, June 25, 2010

How to Get More Nuns?

Out of hundreds of possible ways of fostering vocations, prayer was the single one Our Lord specified:

"The harvest, He told them, is plentiful enough, but the laborers are few; you must ask the Lord to Whom the harvest belongs to send laborers out for the harvesting." 

-Luke 10:2.


  1. Hello my friend. I adore this blog! Please tell me what Bible translation you use. This quote of Luke 10:2 is very nice. I am looking for a Bible and this language is lovely and presents a great image. Many thanks!

  2. The worthless USA communities of habitless radical femminist nuns could learn a good lesson from these wonderful Orders of nuns you so often post....and several other traditional habited nuns I found in photos from last week's Papal general Audience in St. Peters. All young, all wonderful traditional habits with white collars and veils!!! Not the little modified dresses, or the white or grey haired habitless nuns.

    I hope the end result of the Papal investigation of USA nuns (99% of which who have forgotten how to pray), it that 99% of the liberal femminist Orders are supressed outright....or ordered to start massive merges. I predict that a good 40% of USA Orders of nuns will be either outright supressed by the Vatican (the radical liberal groups), or loose their Pontifical status, or be told to disband, or to join into other Orders.

    So sad. Nearly 400 Orders founded in the USA between 1820 and 1955, and nearly all of them discarded their tradition and religious habit.

    They would do well to immitate good sisters like the ones you always post here. Otherwise, if they fail to restore tradition, they will die out.

    That's true with all liberal Catholic Orders.

    Good riddance.

  3. Any young woman seriously considering joining a Roman Catholic order of active religious sisters should look no further than the Ann Arbor Dominicans or the Nashville Dominicans. Both orders have a profound religious dimension, a focused apostolate, both of which are rooted in joyful community living. Needless to say, both groups of sisters are attracting new sisters, about 15-20 women per year. Visit their websites. The so-called "progressive and liberal" orders haven't had any significant new members in the past 40 years. That says it all.