Friday, May 21, 2010

Incorrupt Body of St. Maria Mazzarello

Basilica of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice in Turin.

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  1. Her Order is liberal and has discarded this beautiful habit.

    In the USA, they wear a short dress....even short sleeves (black or white dress), and a veil.

    But in Italy and in other places I believe...they have discarded the habit entirely and wear layclothes. A disaster.

    This once was one of the few GREAT Orders of sisters left in the Catholic Church....they wore this habit (minus the big white collar which was discarded even before Pope Pius XII died in 1958), until about 1979 when they at first shortened, and then in some places did away with the habit entirely.

    In the USA they have lost 150+ sisters over the last 20 years....but world-wide, after being relatively stable and traditional with 17,000+ sisters up until 1979....have declined to about 13,600.
    The more an Order liberalizes and minimizes their habit (or discards it), the faster they will decline.

    This scenario can be repeated 1,000x since Vatican II!!