Thursday, May 20, 2010

Incorrupt Body of St. Luigi Orione

Tomb of Don Orione at the Sancutary of the Madonna della Guardia in Tortona.

He lived from 1872-1940.  By the grace of God we were at his canonization in 2004.


  1. His body is not covered with wax, isn't it?

  2. His body seems to be decomposing slowly. Not incorrupt at all.

    He founded 6 religious Orders....6. priests and Sisters. Amazing.

    Vatican II wrecked them, of course.

    He even founded a very tiny community of hermits-monks (now extinct after Vatican II), called the Order of St. Albert.

  3. Where's the maniple?

  4. Are those "electric candles"?

  5. I didn't know he was an 'incorruptible'.

  6. Amazing! How awesome that you were able to attend his canonization ceremony.

  7. I have been studying the incorruptible saints for only a short time. Of all the pictures of the "incorruptible" saints I've seen so far, this one of San
    Lluigi Orione looks most authentic. His face and hands are not covered in a thin layer of wax like most of the others (e.g. Bernadette of Lourdes). Absolutely amazing!

  8. st . San
    Lluigi Orione

    Dear Saint I am a sinner and pray for me . I am sure you will be sitting near to Jesus in heaven . I too love Jesus and promise I will follow the commandments Jesus gave and truly I will keep my body sacred and I will make my body as temple to holy sprit . dear saint please pray to cure my disease and I promise you I will be a true follower of jesus . amen.