Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bullet that Hit the Pope

May 13, 1981: an Islamic gunman shot the Pope in St. Peter's Square.

You can now see the bullet, seen here in a crown, in the museum at Fatima, Portugal.  On certain days the crown is placed atop the head of the outdoor statue.


  1. John, I think it would be nicer not to refer to the attacker by his religion. God bless your good work.

  2. That is actually the crown that is always at the head of the Madonna and not in a museum. It was made of gold and gems offered by Portuguese women from their jewelry.
    The image with the crown is in the "Capelinha das Aparições" and it is protected by glass. On very solemn occasions they take the image out on procession; otherwise they process a replica.
    The face of the image was made under the guidance of one of the seers, Soror Lúcia. Three images were made: the one where the bullet is (in Fatima); a pilgrim statue that goes round the world and a third which is in the Carmelo de Santa Teresa in Coimbra where I went to Mass several times.