Sunday, May 30, 2010

As the Glorious Legends of Old Retire (Who Will Replace Them?)

Rev. Dr. Al Wilder, O.P. on his last day of class after teaching the sacred science in Rome for thirty-seven years.

A legend has retired and the students honored him with a surprise thank you.

A convert to Catholicism he graduated from Harvard and entered the Order of Preachers to become a Thomist.  A wizard at philosophy and theology he remained faithful and through the long and difficult years he taught thousands of Rome students the Faith.

He was one bright light who shined upon many: res accedent luminis rebus (one light shines upon others).

Thanks for the pic, Mary Ann!


  1. Who will replace them? Hmmm, why not YOU!?!

    Actually, there are some extremely promising up and coming friars in the US who will probably be gracing the halls of PUST in the future. The future of the Order is in the US right now.

  2. Though I never had him in class I ran into him all the time in the hallowed halls of the Angelicum. I hate to see him retire. I wish these professors would not be made to retire unles they cannot work any more or want to. Age is not important any more... May young Dominicans, indeed, continue in his/their footsteps.

  3. Fr. Wilder was a great professor, but he will be greatly missed at the Angelicum. He will have a very blessed retirement as the chaplain to the Nashville Dominicans!