Friday, April 9, 2010

What the Gremial Veil Looks Like

A.k.a. "the good old days."

Santo subito!


  1. "Santo subito!"

    Get real. This man is directly responsible for today's mess.

  2. "Santo Subito"? Increasingly unlikely.

    The "so-called" miracle attributed to John Paul II has been revealed pretty much to actually be nothing of the kind. So we're back to the search for one.

    Then there's the issue of the priest-pedophile cases....thousands of them....covered up during the 26 1/2 years of John Paul II's reign. On his orders, but carried out by his "yes men" Cardinals Casaroli, Sodano, Re, Arinze, and others.
    Then there's John Paul II's open support for pervert Cardinals (former Archbishop of Vienna), bishops, and heads of religious Orders....the Legionaries of Christ and the founder of a small Italian Order called the "Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary". Both were pedophiles. John Paul II knew it...but still welcomed them to the Vatican with grand shows of affection.
    Worse still, he appointed Bishops who had questionable backrounds....even those known to be homosexuals.

    Our present Pope tried to research the crisis and report on this filth, but was stopped by the "Gang of 4 " in the Vatican....on orders from John Paul II....Cardinals Sodano, Re, Tauran, and Kasper.

    So "Santo Subito"? I don't think so.
    Such a possibility....considered an absolute six months looking increasingly unlikely. And there's more administrative type scandals coming to light too ...which happened under John Paul II's watch. Watch for them to break soon. Not as newsworthy as the priest-sexual pervert cases....but it shows that John Paul II had no interest whatsoever in "governing" the Church. He had his own peculiar priorities (ecumenism with protestants, inter-religious dialog with Jews, Buddhists ,Muslims and Hindus, etc.....and let the Catholic Church slide into the mess it's in today.

    Too bad Benedict XVI won't have 26 1/2 years to clean up the mess of J P II.

    "Santo Subito?" I don't think so.
    "Venerable" is about as far as he will get.


  3. Could you explain please what is the gremial veil?

  4. Hard to disagree with Anon2...

  5. I think that Anon2 exaggerates (understandable-I imagine he wrote it during a moment of rage at how the Church has been let down by many of its hierarchs-I've felt the same!) but I think it's unfair to accuse Cardinal Kasper of being among the corrupt officials.

    OTOH not enough can be said against Cardinal Sodano. He of the General Pinochet fan club (boy that's worked to strengthen the image of the Church!). If only JPII had understood enough of the Church in Italy to realize how he blundered by trusting Sodano instead of Cardinal Achille Silvistrini!

  6. Pity, he lost the style after become Pope, despising the "good old days".

  7. @WLMS: Blessed John Paul II. Looks like B XVI disagrees with Anon2. Long live the pope.

    FYI everyone, you canonize the man, not his papacy.

    Blessed John Paul II,
    Ora pro nobis!

  8. @Anonymous: a gremial veil is a lap cloth laid across the knees of a bishop seated at mass. Gremial comes from the Latin "gremium" bosom or lap (kind of an odd definition, what?)