Monday, April 19, 2010

Do You Like this Site?

This effort is bridged by the grace of God and the truth is that donations keep it going.

From a reader: "Ut ministerium tuum interretiale pergat, crescat, floreat, hoc exiguum munus accipe cum precibus meis."

Many thanks to all for your moral support (and financial help!) as this blog has a dependency on you.

How else can I take time off work to attend these varied events which are not always covered by others?

Another expensive camera just had to be purchased three days ago as the former one broke.  It happens that every camera is just man-made and each is delicate and they break.  The new purchase was put on the credit card and put in the Lord's hands.

From the shame and ignominy of the Passion, Death and Ressurection of Christ came much grace which keeps us going.

But by the grace of God this blog continues.

Thank you!


  1. Me encanta este blog. Todo mi apoyo moral... I like this blog very very much. Iwish give you all my moral support.. and economic? mmm oh, I'm not the owner of my money, it's my family's money.
    And excuse me by my bad English, please, I usually speak in Emperor Charles V's language: Spanish

  2. Bonjour, a fellow Irish Canadian here,

    I read this blog everyday and I must inform you that I adore the news that you provide. I like researching different Religious Orders. I'm discerning a vocation with the FSSP.

    peut Dieu vous bénir

  3. I like your posts and photos. Thanks for you effort. You have news and photos nobody else talk about.

  4. I love this site. It's beautiful. Provocatures are only "happy" when they destroy onother's joy and pleasure at this or that. Satan is like that, no humour or joy! Ronald R. Mac N.