Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blessed Michael the Archangel: Heavenly Patron of Brussels (Now the E.U. Capital with Strasbourg)


Pray the St. Michael Prayer each day that through his heavenly intercession the Catholic identity of Brussels, Belgium, might me saved.

Since 1958 Brussels has been the seat of what became in 1992 the European Union and the city is now crawling with Arab nationals and has the highest crime rate of any European capital.  Meanwhile, the E.U. continues to ask for more and more abortion on demand.

Tourist brochures for the city advertise Brussels as a place which has always been characterised by "tolerance" and is open and welcoming to the "new" Europe "still" under construction.

Good news: the blessed statue of St. Michael felling the devil still reigns above the city.

The son of the Count of Leuven (1041-1063) who was the landowner of the county of Brussels is said to have been saved from sure death by St. Michael and in recognition of this he proclaimed Michael the patron saint of the city.  Since 1455 the copper statue of St. Michael, with a cross atop his helmet and atop the devil with his sword has decorated the spire of the town hall as seen here.

Many have made an effort in recent years to have this statue removed.


  1. It has always been the custom to mention the old Flemish towns by their French and not Flemish names in English:Louvain,Bruges,Ypres, Furnes,Malines,Oudenaerde,etc, unless they come with a proper name in English as Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels.

  2. Leuven is fine ! It shows sensitivity for 'Flemish' feelings.

  3. It is better to use "Leuven" to save the Flemish identity (the French have their own country next door).