Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catholic Brazil

C. Cardinal Hummes, O.F.M.


  1. A strong enemy of the Traditional Latin Mass / Extraordinary form... The Clergy needs another prefect, like cardinal Pell or the peruvian Ciprini Thorne.

  2. Subversive! Excommunion to you, anátema sit to you! Say "enemy" to cardinal of Holy Church? YOU ARE A ENEMY!!!

  3. Please! The cardinal is not a good example of liturgical fidelity. He is now in Rome, so the eyes of Peter are very close...
    His time as San Paulo's Archbishop was a disaster, the heterodox priests were in control (in fact, they still are), the masses all around the parishes were a good example of the hermeneutic of discontinuity. Chaos, that's the only word!
    But I am not saying the cardinal is an enemy of "THE CHURCH". He has a very particular perspective of things (like cardinal Daneels or Mahony...). So, please, deacon do not excommunicate me.
    In fact, we have in the church today many examples of liturgical heterodoxy, including bishops and cardinals. Saying that out loud is not lack of charity.
    Cardinal Hummes was never a fan of TLM. He can tolerate it, but no love. That's my point and the reason I think the best thing to do is to replace him. Looking at the Curia today, I can not understand him as Prefect of Clergy, especially now. We need a Benedictine-type of Prefect, like Pell (but pray he will be the next prefect of bishops)
    I can understand you, as a deacon. You admire the cardinal, that's ok and is a very positive thing. But do not excommunicate people that may have a different opinion.
    Lets all pray for the Pope and the clergy.

  4. Wow, by the way this is the Cardinal we all know (and love):

  5. Like he said at the airport: women priests?