Saturday, April 17, 2010

Be a Nun in Rome


  1. Rome is top heavy with priests and nuns. If one half were reassigned things might improve elsewhere.

  2. That's a cynical and rude comment.

    Rome's doesn't have enough priests. monks, seminarians and nuns.

    My Dad was in Rome in 1950, and took dozens of reels of film from ceremonies there, and street scenes of Rome and it's people. We have about 40 reels of coverage of Holy Year 1950 events at which Pius XII officiated, or was present at Churches.

    But the Rome street scenes, and St. Peter's Sqaure was the real eye-opener. Back then, there were thousands more priests, nuns, friars, and seminarians in Rome than now. The various style and colors of nuns habits was overwhelming, and impressive beyond words.

    The German seminarians in their red cassocks were everywhere....literally. Franciscans, Capuchins, Dominicans, Carmelites and Trinitarians...everywhere. Hundreds of them....all with the monastic tonsure (except the Americans and Germans....and thy were easy to pick out!
    My dad even has a film clip of some friars of an Order some Italian friends told us no longer exist....the Order once common in Rome, and in afew other parts of Italy called the "Bigi" Franciscan friars (Grey Franciscans).
    Never a huge Order, they were victims of Vatican II and it's "reforms" UGH!! NOw dozens more Orders will go the same way in Rome and elsewhere thanks to Vatican II.

    So never say "Rome has too many priests, monks, friars, seminarians, or nuns". It has a fraction of what it had in the 1950's.
    And the Church in Rome and elsewhere is very much the poorer for it.

  3. Please put this film on youtube!!!!!!