Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Where to Attend Mass in Venice?


You find yourself in Venice, surrounded by churches. Where to attend Sunday services? Many prefer Mass in English. Understandable. However, as a rule I encourage travelers to reach out of their comfort zone. Deepen your cultural horizons! This is my best vote for Sunday Mass in Venice: the church of Saints Simeone and Giuda (aka San Simeone Piccolo). Constructed in 1718-38, this was one of the last churches built in Venice!

You won't find Mass in English here. Mass is in Latin. The pews fill with worshipers from everywhere. Feeling lost? Follow the Mass in Latin and you will learn.


How to find it? As you exit the Venice Train Station, the majestic church is the first thing you see (see photo), located on the historic Grand Canal. You can take a water taxi here or the vaporetto water bus.

Chiesa dei Santi Simeone e Giuda, F.S.S.P.
Fondam. S. Simeone Piccolo
30135 Venezia (VE)


Sunday 11:00 a.m.
Parish site:


Every time I am in Venice I visit here. I continue to visit because it is an oasis of beauty and culture. It looks big from the exterior; the interior is cozy. Btw, don't mind the occasional scaffolding...that's life in Venice! Everything is being restored.

This is a totally unique opportunity for you to hear Gregorian Chant and sacred polyphony being sung in the original setting it was written for, the sung Roman liturgy!


It's your home away from home. You are not alone. Other expats gather here. Last but not least, the new pastor is an Aussie (a terrific person, by the way, our dear friend, Fr. Joseph Kramer...tell him Orbis sent you!). Mi mancavi, Venezia (I have missed you, Venice)...until next time!

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