Monday, August 28, 2017

As the World Continues to Go Bonkers

Talk about fake news, ugh.

Twenty years ago I gave up TV.  It was the best decision of my life.  No regrets.

I once told this to a priest and he replied: "Yes, me too, but I only watch the news."  Actually, friends, the news is the problem!

Not watching the news has eliminated stress from my life.

Giving up TV has multiplied my time by a thousandfold.  Now I have the time to do the things I should be doing.

I have also given up radio, magazines and newspapers.  

I now have adequate time for reading, study, hobbies, prayer, visiting church, family, leisure, gardening, walking and enjoying life.

Those who survive the culture war will be those not reached by the secular mass media.  Sever the lines of communication.

Also, when you send your kids off to school, you forfeit your parental rights.  If you want to save them from the zombie culture, try homeschooling.         

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