Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tips for Packing

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10 SIMPLE PACKING TIPS FOR AIR TRAVELERS -- I share these at pre-departure orientation.

Remember an old travel adage told to me in college: "Bring half the luggage you originally intended and double the money." Thank you, Fr. Dan Haugan for telling me this!

1. Purchase the right luggage! Make sure the luggage has wheels on it! If it is nice and new it will be lightweight. Make sure to put your name and address on it. Even better, if it is a unique color or design you can spot it more easily on the belt.

2. Do not over pack. Be organized, do not bring things you will not wear. Bring clothes you will need, for hot as well as cold weather. Be prepared for changes in the weather. Always pack an umbrella. Make sure the clothes are nice for photos. Just pack light!

3. Backpackers can attest that rolling clothes is better to fit more in a bag. They are spot on.

4. Weigh your luggage. Less is better.  Know ahead of time what the size and weight restrictions are for your luggage (contact your airline). Remember to leave space for souvenirs that you accumulate while on the road!

5. Do not bring books. Bring one or two max for the flight in your carry-on. Do not bring a library from home. This is a common mistake. At the end of the day you will be too busy and too tired to read.

6. Make sure your carry-on is soft sided for the tour coach bus.

7. Leave expensive jewelry, gadgets and electronics at home. They are a waste of time when you are on vacation. Look up and enjoy the scenery! Leave that stress behind. Those items can be stolen or easily damaged.

8. Bring dual-purpose shoes. I say two pairs max: one pair of dress shoes for photos and one pair of tennis shoes for walking. Also, we recommend flip flops for the hotel shower (keep them in a plastic grocery bag).

9. Wash your clothes on the road. Do laundry in the sink of your hotel room. Don't be afraid, our grandmothers did this on a daily basis! Buy the soap at a corner market once you arrive.

10.Make your carry-on count. Put heavier items there, as well as your camera and reading materials for the flight. You can also wear your jacket and sweater on the plane, instead of packing it.

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  1. Hi JP,
    I like your Tipps, especially number 10. Usually people only care about their luggage and forget their carry-on luggage. I created a packing list especially for this, if you like you can link to it:
    keep blogging! :-)