Monday, August 7, 2017

39th Anniversary of the Death of Paul VI

There is an old story told by Irish Bishop Mons. Magee who was at the bedside of Paul VI when he died.  The moment the Pontiff drew his last breath, suddenly, his alarm clock went off, startling everyone in the room.

The clock was an antique from 1920s Poland, a wind up that was purchased when Montini was assigned to Poland for his brief diplomatic stint in Warsaw.  He alone was the one who would wind it up. 

While the Pope lay dying, his assessor Monsignor Pasquale asked him if he had wound it and the pope answered in the negative. So Monsignor Pasquale wound it up and thought nothing more of it. 

The alarm rang at the precise moment of death of Paul VI, startling the papal household standing solemnly around the bedside. 

There can be no coincidence about he connection of the alarm clock purchased in Poland and the alarm of the world (and hell) when the great Polish Pontiff was elected, St. John Paul the Great.

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