Saturday, September 26, 2015

Traditional Habit

Sisters awaiting the arrival of the Holy Father in Philadelphia today.  What joy, oblation and grace.  There is hope! 


  1. The Sister-President of the Maryknoll sisters was on FOX or CNN this past week and said that Vatican II was a wonderful occurrence as it changed religious life. The sister-president said that by shedding their habits they were able to better identify with the people and she added she didn't want to be treated differently. Well, she went on to say that Maryknoll might become extinct. They have fewer than 800 sisters now...mostly aged. Yet, these nuns in their habits and other traditionally dressed orders are getting numerous vocations. So many orders - men and women have just lost their way over the past 40 years..sad. But, God bless these sisters and these orders who have held to tradition and have anchored themselves to what works.