Sunday, September 27, 2015

Extraordinary Form at World Meeting of Families 2015 in Philadelphia

There were many beautiful Masses held during the conference at nearby churches located near to the convention center.

This lovely Mass was celebrated at Holy Redeemer and was attended by conference participants and others.  Thank you to all the organizers.  

Philadelphia is in need of its own "Latin Mass" parish.  With all the churches closed and slated for closing in this Archdiocese, hopefully these blessed faithful will get what is their right, and be given a chance to have a permanent home.  Stability brings growth.  They must be given a chance.  Internal politics in the chancery aside, hopefully the diocesan curia will kick into gear and give them a church in a decent location, with a fine pastor. 


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    1. I nominate St. Bridget in East Falls (the parish of Grace Kelly).

  2. Beautiful. This goes in the good news file.

  3. But cmummerboi, because he lives in Philadelphia, is omniscient when it comes to the whole Archdiocese...

  4. I live in Philly. There is desire. Everyone has their own church, except us. Cf.

  5. >>In fact, there is no desire for the "Latin Mass" on even an occasional basis.<<

    Yeah, all of the people I know who attend it every Sunday are being forced to do so.

    Oh, wait, no they're not.