Thursday, September 17, 2015

Synod 2015

50 years of bad theology in seminaries and this is what we get. 

It is no surprise to those of us who have been in the boiler room. 

Stop complaining and get to work.  There is no time to loose.  

Pray, fast and do penance.  Start a daily holy hour.  Get to daily Mass.  Go to weekly Confession.  Start praying the rosary every day.  Fast from meat on Fridays.  Read the Bible every day.  Pray the Breviary.  Produce a vocation to the priesthood or religious life in your family.  Volunteer to teach catechism.  Put a pro-life bumper sticker on your car.  Start to give 10% to a worthy Catholic apostolate.  Too many people are doing too little.  Turn the tide.  Start with you.    


  1. It was bound to end this way with the garbage that has been taught in seminaries.

  2. May I suggest that we give the 10% tithe to our parishes, if not a portion thereof? We cannot reform the reform in our parishes without the funds to carry out new ministries and apostolates. For example: when a parish opens a eucharistic adoration chapel, someone has to pay for the cost of the facility renovation, the furnishings, and for the cost of the increased utilities. Someone has to pick up the cost of whatever literature will be purchased for the chapel. If we the observant faithful are giving to "a worthy Catholic apostolate" - not to our parishes - how on earth will we see concrete renewal in our parishes? There really is truth to the old axiom, "charity begins at home."