Sunday, September 13, 2015

Papal Arms

Another great hobby to have is heraldry.  Get to know the science behind it.

Here can be seen the arms of Pius VI, seen at Holy Spirit Hospital in Rome.

You can also see his arms here and there in St. Peter's Basilica, namely, in the floor of the sacristy of St. Peter's.  

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  1. The best book (I think) about Vatican heraldry has been published in 1987 "Heraldry in the vatican / l'araldica in vaticano / heraldik im vatikan" written in english by french Mgr (later cardinal) Jacques Martin, prefect of the papal household. I knew very well this fine, simple, generous and real scholar man who served six popes frm 1927 and I keep the copy dedicated he gave me (with other books).