Sunday, September 27, 2015

Site of the First Republican National Convention

In Philadelphia, near Independence Hall.

Yours truly has been a proud lifelong Republican.  It was a joy to visit this place today as a pilgrim. 

The Democrats have proven to be Liberal sewage.  First they promoted slavery and then human abortion and now unnatural marriage and next euthanasia.

No Christian in good conscience can vote Democrat.

Btw, "The Donald" is a Democrat.     

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  1. i allways found it funny how you americans use the word "liberal". According to how we in europe understand the meaning of this word, both your main parties should be called liberal. going even further, i would dare to say that from here they seem to be merely the right and left wing section of the same political community. there have been some great democrats, like FDR and JFK, while there have been terrible republican presidents too. in your system way more depends on the personal capabilities of a president than on the groups that endorse him (her?)