Saturday, September 26, 2015

Save Assumption in Philly!

This is one of Philadelphia's most historic churches.

Founded by St. John Neumann, this heritage church is where St. Katharine Drexel was baptized.

It was sold by the Archdiocese and is now reportedly owned by a drug-rehab organization.

It has been slated for demolition - the date was set in 2012.

The preservationists are crying out for this historic landmark to be saved.   No one seems to care. 

Sigh.  What nutty times we live in.  This house of worship has been here since 1848. 

I would offer it to a dynamic, fresh new religious order full of life, talent and prayer.  

The ICK or FSSP would do well to make an offer and restore this temple to glory.

On the same property is a lovely convent and rectory.

Grants from the city and downtown businesses can restore this treasure of inestimable value.  Someone contact the mayor and put in an offer.


  1. One of so many. Shame.

  2. in europe we transform way better churches into apartments. so i think the global church can afford the loss of this nice old church that has no particular artistic value

  3. Sadly, what an unfortunate circumstance.

  4. There will be more. Pray for Catholics to wake up & take their faith seriously.