Thursday, May 29, 2014

Traditional Nuns Habits in the Vatican

Always an inspiration.

Seen in St. Peter's Square.

There is hope for the world.  


  1. In Poland many nuns still wear the traditional habit.

  2. As for those other nuns who wear a simple veil without a wimple....

    The authenticity of the nun in the 2nd photo I would question.

  3. And in Poland,it is one of the few Catholic countries were both nuns in general, and vocations to them, have not collapsed.
    The traditional habited Orders in Poland are either holding steady, or gaining alittle.
    The more progressive Orders there are declining.....some rapidly.
    Bu that is no surprise. :)

  4. The young ones are joining the traditional orders with habit.

  5. NO, the nun in the second photo is entirely valid. She's a real nun, not a fake. She belongs to an Order, mostly in Poland called the Albertine Sisters.
    They are a Franciscan community, and have about 600+ members world wide. They even have 1-2 houses in the USA!