Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Catholic World Calling for Beatification of Ven Pius XII

Images from Facebook.  Apostolado PIO XII.


  1. What about canonizing Bl. Pius IX? Has the cause for Leo XIII even been opened?

  2. The pope said there was no miracle which is required for Beatification. Alright so we pray for one. But I believe Francis canonized 6 saints already with just a signed piece of paper. No miracles at all. This is why a pope should adhere to established Church law and procedure.

  3. The canonization process has become completely corrupt and politicized. Not that the men and women being canonized are not ultimately worthy to be raised to the honors of the altar but the PROCESS is completely corrupt and politicized: the speed, who gets canonized, who doesn't get canonized, etc.

    One of the first outrageous examples was that Opus Dei money fast-tracked Jose Maria Escriva's cause to move through like greased lightening. The latest rush for JP2 and JXXIII and soon PVI and a big fat lie from His Holiness as regards to the cause of PXII is only the latest.

    Thank God the scandals about Marciel Maciel broke quickly after his death. If they hadn't, money and politics could have easily moved his cause along rapid-fire as well.

    John, you probably won't post this because such negativity could be bad for your travel business. But thanks for your good blog anyway. I have a feeling that your daughter is going to be at her college graduation someday still holding a "Pio XII - santo subito" picture and sign.

  4. The picture was developed backwards