Friday, September 6, 2013

Pray for the Roman Pontiffs

Living and deceased.

The burden of command is just that, a burden.

The Holy Ghost be with them.


  1. I have had a great love for every Pope who has reigned since I was born......except this one. And it hurts me to admit it. But how can I love or respect a man who under the guise of humility has made EVERYTHING about the papacy about him, from silly public shows of "humility", to his obvious hatred for tradition and his refusal to speak against abortion or gay "marriage". I pray for this man because it's my duty but I honestly have to fight the feelings of revulsion that I have towards him. He is a liberal South American Jesuit, which means tremendous clericalism (which of course has nothing to do with fiddle backs but everything to do with pride), hatred for traditional reverent overtly Catholic liturgy. When was the last time so many "traditional" Catholics had to bend over backwards to try and prove the orthodoxy of a pope? But then I remember......who am I to judge. Passing judgement in the Church is part of the duties of a pope, that's why Christ gave the keys of heaven to Peter.........Hopefully Cardinal Scola will soon be reigning as Holy Father, as he should have been doing if a sane Church existed.

  2. Anonymous, my sentiments exactly (unfortunately). Although I'll admit not knowing anything about Scola. My know-nothing human wishes had been for Burke.

  3. Utter nonsense. People may not like his style, but the fact remains that His Holiness Pope Francis is the Bishop of Rome, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, and the Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth.

    "Hoping" for a new pope "soon" is disgraceful and uncharitable. Wishing for a specific cardinal to be Pope places the papacy on a secular/political level. Don't fall into that trap that the secular media has set. "Pray, hope, and don't worry" (St "Padre" Pio).

    Pray for the Most Holy Father, who shoulders burdens that we cannot even begin to fathom, no matter how hard we try. And pray that the Lord may remove the scales from our eyes, to see why He chose him.

    "I acknowledge the holy Catholic and apostolic Roman Church as the mother and teacher of all Churches; and to the Roman Pontiff, the successor of the blessed Peter, Prince of Apostles and Vicar of Jesus Christ, I promise and swear true obedience" (Symbolum Tridentinum, n. 10).