Thursday, September 19, 2013

Catholic Manhood: Fishing with the Guys

Great to sit back with a cold one and chat bout all things holy.  With the guys.  On a guy trip.

Salmon fishing in the wilds of North America in bear country is a great experience.  Dads, spend time with your sons!  It is an important ingredient for adulthood.

Eat what you catch.  Never waste.  Bless the name of the Creator for His blessings and design. 


  1. Hi,
    the photos are beautiful!
    Can you tell me where that lovely place is?
    Fr. P. F. Germany

  2. We live in an age where Catholic manhood is denied. An age where women act and dress like men and men act and dress like the opposite. An age where the laity do the role of the priest and the priest does the role of the layman.

  3. Photos taken in British Columbia, Canada. A beautiful place indeed!