Friday, September 6, 2013

Heretical Bishops of Vatican II

An image of Bishop James Patrick Shannon taken during the final session of the Council in St. Peter's Square. 

His own bishop, Leo Binz, called him a heretic.  Archbishop Binz (Diocese of Saint Paul, USA), took the blame for his fall.  Binz was the one who promoted him to the sacred purple.  The poor Archbishop died of a broken heart in 1979.  Binz had been a Vatican careerist.  Shannon ran away with a mistress in 1968. 

You can read the 1990s autobiography of this apostate bishop, Reluctant Dissenter.  Most frightening for me upon reading it was the realization of Bishop Shannon's penny catechism understanding of all things Catholic (sensus, theology, grace, etc.).  In addition, his broken understanding of the canons of the CIC (Code of Canon Law) becomes dangerously clear.  In retrospect, a bit of a revelation as to how poorly many of our clergy (and bishops) were educated at that time (as well as today).

He needs prayers.  Around the Holy Year 2000 he was privately received back into the Church through the good graces of Pope John Paul II, of blessed memory.  He died in 2003. 

What you don't read in his autobiography is that he ran away with a thrice divorced woman, a Protestant.  She even showed up at his episcopal consecration.  And he doesn't tell you that Vatican II condemns contraception as well as conscience not properly formed by the Church.  

Archbishop Sheen often lamented what eros has done to agape.  He was right.  And Sheen was right on his critique of Shannon's performance on TV.  You read of this in the autobiography.  This was too much for Shannon.  A lesson to be learned for us all on the corrupting effects of pride.

Sheen's autobiography starts out talking about clay "pots" in the hands of the potter.  Shannon's autobiography starts off by saying how great people are born in Minnesota.  Both, ironically, attended the same major seminary.  One professor at the seminary saw through Shannon, Fr. Francis Missia.  The rest were duped.  His nickname was Lord Jim.  

Maybe the priesthood for Bishop Shannon was about the color green, about writing witty columns, about being liked on campus.  About having an NPR voice, travels, big donors, all things Irish.  Those who knew him warned how he always wanted to be a bishop.  It was his lust.  Or at least one of them.  His father desired that he be a bishop.  His dad pushed him.  Many blame the dad (who had already passed away by the time Shannon left active ministry).  

Pray for our clergy and bishops.  Both offices must be protected.  Integrity is an important thing.  And so is the glorious teaching office of Holy Mother Church, the Magisterium.  And the Sacrament of Confession.  And if you are an ordained priest struggling with purity, then I even suggest daily confession to form better habit for as long as it takes.   

Let us pray for the living and the dead.  The Church is Jesus Christ and we stand on Her authority.  She does not error in Her teaching.  


  1. Indeed Vatican II teaches conscience must be dutifully conformed to the divine law itself, and should be submissive toward the Church's teaching office, which authentically interprets the law which reveals and protects the integral meaning of conjugal love (Gaudium et Spes 50).
    He lived in a time of true social and cultural transformation. When the times they are a-changin,' it's usually not a bad idea for an ambitions young politician to be at the front of the parade of evolving public opinion. He tried to do this on the pro-condom ticket. FAIL. Gaudium et Spes 51: "Therefore when there is a question of harmonizing conjugal love with the responsible transmission of life, the moral aspect of any procedure does not depend solely on sincere intentions or on an evaluation of motives.[This is where Shannon went wrong] It must be determined by objective standards. These, based on the nature of the human person and his acts, preserve the full sense of mutual self-giving and human procreation in the context of true love. Such a goal cannot be achieved unless the virtue of conjugal chastity is sincerely practiced. Relying on these principles, sons of the Church may not undertake methods of regulating procreation which are found blameworthy by the teaching authority of the Church in its unfolding of the divine law. Everyone should be persuaded that human life and the task of transmitting it are not realities bound up with this world alone. Hence they cannot be measured or perceived only in terms of it, but always have a bearing on the eternal destiny of men."

  2. I found the heading title "Heretical Bishops of Vatican II" amusing, because there were so many of them.....and most in the world for the most part are too. Austria, Germany, France, most of Italy, certainly Ireland, Great Britian, Belgium, Netherlands, Latin America, Asia,'s difficult to find a country where most of the Bishops by their actions and words are not either totally heretical, or supportive of it. This is all due to Vatican II, the vague, ambiguous way it was written, and the rampant abuses coming from it which were tolerated and then finally approved by the Vatican itself (communion in the hand, table altars, etc.).

    This Pope Francis, is perhaps the biggest disaster for the Catholic Church since the days of the corrupt Popes of Renaissance times. By actions, and even by speeches and answers to questions, he is countering time honored traditional Catholic beliefs. Certainly the way he presents himself as Pope is a total rejection of past Popes. The contract is shocking, and horrible.

    This AM, I read on the internet that a gay man wrote to the Pope, telling him how he feels persecuted for being gay. Apparently (and the Vatican is denying it....which they always do with embarrassing things which turn out to be true...the Ricca affair as example), it that the Pope called this gay man, and told him that he supported him, and that there was nothing wrong with being homosexual. Outrageous!!!

    As long as these people (Popes, cardinals, Bishops, priests, aged nuns (whose Orders will all be extinct in 10 years thank God), and elderly rank and file laity continue to force the errors of Vatican II down peoples throats, we will have crisis in the Catholic Church.

    Many good Catholics, who do not wish ill on anyone, still hope that this Pope Francis' reign is very short....shorter than John XXIII's term, and that in a few years a true Catholic in the mold of a Pius X, Pius XII, or of a Benedict XVI !!!

  3. Sad part of the autobiography is that he never did have a change of heart. Always hope for a deathbed conversion.

    1. If a priest or bishop is a hireling he will go to hell unless he repents.

      The priest or bishop pleasing to God is one whose ministry is for Jesus Christ and his people, not for himself.

  4. Reminds me of a high ranking churchman on the East coast. He lied, and destroyed many people so that he could become a bishop and even more. I wonder what God will say to him on judgement day?

  5. Vatican II Presbyterorum Ordinis gem (Decree on Priests) has a brilliant section on priestly obedience and celibacy that speaks volumes.

    "This Holy Synod likewise exhorts all priests who, trusting in Gods grace, have freely undertaken sacred celibacy in imitation of Christ to hold fast to it magnanimously and wholeheartedly. May they persevere faithfully in this state, and recognize this surpassing gift which the Father has given them, and which the Lord praised so openly. Let them keep in mind the great mysteries which are signified and fulfilled in it. Many men today call perfect continence impossible. The more they do so, the more humbly and perseveringly priests should join with the Church in praying for the grace of fidelity. It is never denied to those who ask. At the same time let priests make use of all the supernatural and natural helps which are available to all. Let them not neglect to follow the norms, especially the ascetical ones, which have been tested by the experience of the Church and which are by no means less necessary in todays world. And so this most holy Synod beseeches not only priests, but all the faithful to have at heart this precious gift of priestly celibacy. Let all beg of God that He may always lavish this gift on His Church abundantly." (PO 16)

  6. "Sheen was right on his critique of Shannon's performance on TV."

    Could you please tell us a little more of this? I like to hear all I can about Bishop Sheen.

    Also, you may wish to notify your readers of "Archbishop Fulton Sheen's Radio Catechism" at:
    I am working my way through it and it is most excellent.

  7. I don't believe that Vatican II caused a bishop to go off and do his own thing, contrary to church teaching. To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing in the council's documents concerning the clergy stating that "it's okay to go against your vows and do whatever; and to follow your instincts, not listen to God's plan." Yes, what this bishop did was terrible, he went against his ordination vows; and by all rights, he should have been defrocked and excommunicated. He sinned, and it was entirely his doing, nobody else's. To say that Vatican II was the reason this bishop sinned is stretching things a bit.

  8. Pray for those who have abjured the Faith. Lesson learned: they can be surprised by grace and return to the one fold!

  9. MisterAl, the article does not even HINT that the Council caused Shannon to go astray. The headline merely acknowledges that, as a bishop, Shannon participated in the Council.

  10. What are the fruits of Vatican II?

  11. Your mom and dad told you this stuff. The facts are wanting.

  12. Corruption comes from within....Martin Luther, Vatican II 'Pastoral' Council, 1962---------2018, from within.