Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What They Read in the Vatican

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Is this not a great epoch to be living in?

Justus germinabit sicut lilium: et florebit in aeternum ante Dominum!


  1. And you to carissimo , the lay blog núm. 2!

  2. It's great in 90% of the world - it's a living hell in the Diocese of Rochester. Hopefully we catch up, soon. "Biretta" is still considered a dirty word here.

  3. Actually no it's not. The Church is being persecuted daily. And the attacks against the Holy Father grow day by day. Whole orders of nuns have basically become wiccan. And the faithful have no love for the faith. No it's a very trying time. And you publishing the one nun in the entire city of Rome who is wearing a habit dosen't make things better. It's actually becoming silly.

  4. Cheer up. It's a great time to be alive. To suffer for Christ is the greatest honor a Catholic could have. Besides, do you think the French Catholics during the revolution were happy? I'm sure some of the Catholics in Ancient Rome would be willing to change places with us. Things are bad but nobody's burning at stakes in the Collesium yet.

  5. Piu secondo del primo.

  6. I appreciate the sentiments, Dymphna, and I can understand the absolute necessity of keeping a positive disposition through all this, as God will indeed give the grace necessary to endure this trial. But I can empathize with the anonymous poster, too.

    Of course, the French Revolution and Ancient Rome make the current situation look...not as bad, but I think it's noteworthy that you chose two of the *most difficult* situations in Church history as a perspective to effect some consolation.

    As an analogous situation, I wouldn't try to console someone who just lost his home, business and family by saying, "At least you're not dying of cancer!" It just doesn't work out the way you may intend it to.

    That said, Dymphna, I'm glad you're providing a voice of optimism here.

    The Church will survive, we know this. And I do think that when this current trial finally ends there will be a true 'New Springtime' for the Church; but I think that may be a long, long way away.

  7. John,

    A very happy and a holy Easter.

    Fr. A.

  8. Thank you, Mr Sonnen: your own contribution is actually very important, I think. Your tone is always positive and invariably cheers me up. God bless you.
    With my prayers for a blessed Easter.

  9. Anon1: See the bright side, the only orders of nuns growing these days are traditional ones. The "wiccan" orders are dying off. The men taking the priestly oaths are not, by and large, "progressives" but truly faithful to Christ, His Church and the Bishop of Rome. Thanks be to God. I know. It's challenging these days to be strong, but don't let the Devil, planting depressing thoughts in your soul, win.

    I take great comfort and joy in Mr. Sonnen's photos.It shows me the Faith is alive and The Eternal City lives!

    John Paul: Easter greetings from Saint Paul! I will remember you at Vespers at St. Agnes this afternoon.