Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What is Wrong with This Picture?

Today in the world there is an absolute value put on pluralism.  Fine, but this is ugly.

Funny thing is that my grandma has this same carpet (and pine lumber) in her basement (lol!).

Italian art historians go nuts over god-awful stuff like this.  Then we look bad.  Thanks, guys!


  1. "Fine, but this is ugly."

    Sometimes it's really as easy as that, isn't it? Why, oh why can't they see it?

  2. i am a friend of simple explanations, of those without ideology. perhaps the particular priest responsible for this has a very bad sense of style. somehow i came to suspect that most catholic priests don't have a very refined taste.

  3. Its like seeing Catholic Priest in Laymens clothes, they really have no style. The Archbishop of my area came into my shop in civilian dress and he looked like a shop lifter

  4. No wonder there are no vocations.

  5. And what is wrong with this picture in the USA.