Monday, March 22, 2010

Fr. Paul Marx, OSB: Confessor of the Faith (1920 - 2010)


The founder of the International Pro-Life movement.

A giant of a man.  A living legend.  I twice had lunch with him last summer and he signed this book, his doctoral thesis.

Sent into exile, defamed by an Archbishop in 1997, his Benedictine superiors took away his faculties.  One grave injustice and persecution after another.  And yet he remained a model of obedience and faith.

May God grant that his prayers will assist us in the pro-life fight as we face new challenges such as Obamacare.

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  1. Democrats, as they revealed over the past year, do not seem to be up to that coming challenge (neither the Republicans). This country is in the position of a free-spending family careening toward bankruptcy that at the last moment announced that it was giving a gigantic new gift to charity. You admire the act of genero...sity, but you wish they had sold a few of the Mercedes to pay for it.