Friday, July 7, 2017

Catholic Culture: Anti-Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide Banquet

While there is still time, we need to see more of these excellent events to educate people and raise money to combat the tsunami of evil heading directly our way.  There is no escape.   The killing has only just begun. 

How ironic, the same generation that brought in legal human abortion 50 years ago is not yet finished.  They are now ushering in legal euthanasia and assisted suicide.  Just think, those who killed their own kids will not themselves be killed by their kids.   That is a law of nature. 

Make no mistake, it was never going to just end with abortion.  All of us will pay the price for doing too little too late to assist the pro-life movement, which was the one best hope we had to stop the slide.  Now the slide has turned into a deadly avalanche that will claim the innocent lives of many now living.  If you start by killing your babies, you can bet it will end in a blood bath.       

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