Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fr. Z Sighting in the Vatican

It brought unutterable joy to attend Pontifical Mass in St. Peter's Basilica celebrated by Archbishop Sample, with Fr. Z as deacon.  Both spent time at the famous St. Agnes parish in the 1980s.

I, too, received my early liturgical formation there as well.  Those were great years.  It was a delight to return last month for a short visit.  Many vocations were born from St. Agnes, including my own.     

The legacy of Monsignor Schuler lives on through those whom he inspired.  He was the longtime pastor of St. Agnes; a renowned church musician, his passion was the Roman rite and the Church's treasury of sacred music. 

Monsignor Schuler was, it seems, many historical personages combined in one.  But make no mistake, he did not belong only to past history.  He lived very much in the history-making of the present and future.  Everything he predicted about sacred music and divine worship has come to pass.  In some ways, he was like a prophet.  I am sure he would be proud to see this photo.   

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  1. Omnes viae Romam ducunt...tutte le strade portano a Roma!