Sunday, November 8, 2015

Video from NBC Archives: Modernist Bishop James P. Shannon vs. Faithful Peritus Mons. Rudolph G. Bandas

Two Minnesota natives.

See this summer of '68 TV special HERE.

It was aired just one month before the release of Humanae Vitae.  

Bishop James P. Shannon of St. Helena's in Minneapolis, who soon after left the priesthood for a Protestant divorcee.  Notice in the video how the media cleverly props him up to be the intelligent voice of "change" for the Catholic future.   

On the other hand, Mons. Rudolph G. Bandas of St. Agnes in St. Paul, who led a storied career as a distinguished professor, author, authority on Catholic education, seminary rector, pastor and spiritual father to so many.  Notice the contrast, as the media props him up to look like an old fool out of touch with the modern Catholic world. 

The full story can be read in the 1990s autobiography, Reluctant Dissenter by James P. Shannon (ex-bishop turned lawyer).  In the book the author whines how Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen gently called him out in front of the other bishops, shunning him for the poor job he did, falling into the hands of the media.  It was too much for Lord Jim.  "He was full of himself," said former colleagues of his at the College of St. Thomas.         

An interesting historical specimen, this video.  The noun specimen coming from the Latin word specere, meaning “to look.”

Look closely and see the harm of the secular media.  The rotten influence.  The same thing being done today.  Planting seeds of division for Catholics to question the Church and to protest Her divine mandate.  The credulous are many.  We must be vigilant.

The American media will not rest until the Church is no more.  Their strategy is the same: discredit true religion and tip the scales to influence public opinion among Catholics for radical change in the direction of the secular order. 

"Progressive" vs. "Conservative"?  Actually, this is about "Christ" vs. "Anti-Christ" and the survival of the Church and the salvation of the world.  Souls are at stake and so is the truth.  Fight for Catholic orthodoxy.  There is nothing more beautiful in the world.