Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mexico City's Altar of the Kings: Splendor of Mexican Baroque

Our group was thrilled to have a special Mass here at the royal altar, a rare privilege.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City is a "processional church;" in other words, it has not one but three main/high altars.  Pictured here is the third, the altar in the far apse.  The altar of the emperors.   

The stunning design is Mexican Baroque/Churrigueresque style.  Cedar gilded in gold, the effect is a portal into heaven.  It took nineteen years to construct.

The statues depict various saints, including saintly royalty and Holy Roman Emperors.  Many relics of these saints are entombed in the altar.

Some of the statues of royals who have been canonized include both men and women alike: St. Helena, St. Cunigunde of Luxembourg, St. Elisabeth of Hungary, St. Margaret of Scotland,St. Isabel of Portugal, St. Edith of Wilton, St. Louis of France, St. Ferdinand III, St. Casimir, St. Edward the Confessor, St. Henry II, and St. Hermenegild.

Thanks, Andy, and Fr. Pablo!