Friday, November 20, 2015

How To Put On a Successful Pro-Life Banquet

Last night yours truly attended an exciting pro-life banquet.

How does one host such a successful fundraising event?

The key is simple: have underwriters pay for the whole event before it starts.

Also, no distractions (such as a silent auction, quilt raffle, etc.).  

It is important to have free general seating (RSVP required).  Past, present and future donors are invited.  Table sponsors can pay for additional tables as well.  Everyone is assigned a seat.  Keep one or two tables open for those who may wander in. 

Welcome and Opening Prayer - begin and keep it simple. 

Dinner - buffet style. 

Organization Report -- results orientated, how the money is being spent, exciting upcoming project.

Keynote Presentation - the draw, a motivational speech, how lives are changed, and saved, the future.

Financial Appeal - this is crucial, someone gives the pitch for the cause - for the upcoming project, include a prayer, ask for silence and that all remain at their seats; one person from each table is asked to open the large envelope in the middle of the table and pass the donation envelopes.  One-time AND monthly donors are requested. 

Closing - a big thank you and welcome back next year.  

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