Monday, October 19, 2015

Synod 2015: Crumbling Trammels of Modernism

The great storm of modernism and postmodernism is still upon us.  

50 years of bad theology in seminaries and this is what we get = teachers who do not believe.

No one should be surprised.  Least of all any of us who were once seminarians.  Seminaries have been a mess since the sixties.  Meanwhile, the good fortunes of stupidity are incalculable. 

We have seen this in seminary formation: antipathy for the Magisterium of the Church, antipathy for the Liturgy as the Church has given it to us, antipathy for the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, as well as for any number of the Church's doctrines, prayers, customs, devotions, sacramentals, etc.  All under open question and attack - by many prominent Catholic thinkers and teachers - nuns, priests and laymen alike.  

It sometimes feels as if our leadership has gone bonkers.  Everywhere the chief need is instruction.

We have witnessed an absorption of the body of seminary formation into the non-Catholic air which is about it upon every side.  We threw away the monastic model and opened the seminary doors to the world.  Bad idea.   

We have grown up in a sort of habit of accepting dissent, and a vis inertiae in dealing with what by all accounts appears to be an almost temporary suspension of the governance of the Church.  Who's in charge?  It's as if all the animals have been let out of their cages.  

Marriage is falling into the mood that man is sufficient to himself.  I know this, I am a married man.  I teach marriage prep.  All the consequences of that mood will follow under a general color of despair.  It is exclusively the Holy Roman Church that holds the truth and meaning of human sexuality.  We stand upon the teaching office of Holy Mother Church.        

I encourage faithful young readers to get an education without delay. 

Pursue graduate degrees in the sacred sciences -- licentiates and doctorates in philosophy and theology.

Study Greek and Latin, European history, metaphysics and the classics.  Graduate, find employment, and take back the teaching positions in our high schools, seminaries and universities.  This will be a long battle.

In short, we need more good guys.  Join the team.  Truth exists and you can know it and share it with others.  Be the one to light the match.  Give your life to Christ and His holy Church.     

"To the true modernist, man is the measure of all things and the spirit of the age is the spirit of God.  To say that a belief or a moral law is 'unmodern' is to condemn it, for in the eyes of the Modernist there are no eternal truths and no divine law other than the law of change."

-Christopher Dawson


  1. That we might be delivered from the maniacal laughter of Kasper the unfriendly ghost.

  2. Instruction is very important, but so is the gift of HUMILITY, so lacking today, that we may be obedient to the Truth.

  3. Jasper is small potatoes when the POPE is a modernist:

  4. The Pope is a Modernist of the worst sort. Thank God he is old.

  5. Down with the heresiarch cardinals.